Take 5 with…Shabina Khatun

And we’re back with another ‘Take 5 with…’! This week we have Shabina, our Duty Manager in the Collection Service Delivery department.

How long have you worked for NewDay?

I started in June 2003, so I’m now in my 15th year!

How would you describe what you do at NewDay in one sentence?

I manage our team resource — I’m responsible for ensuring there are enough colleagues available to make and receive customer calls depending on call volumes, also making sure they have time to attend their training sessions, 1:1s and more.

Tell us about your proudest achievement or your most memorable day at NewDay.

After joining the NewDay Charity Committee, we helped collect a tremendous amount of Christmas gifts for our corporate charity Family Action. We exceeded our initial gift total target for 2017 — a very proud moment for myself.

What does the NewDay Manifesto mean to you?

I live and breathe the NewDay Manifesto and do not just give it lip service. It’s the driving factor behind the passion for my job. It helps me strive & gives me purpose. I believe in what the Manifesto has set out to achieve will help make us best in class.

The three best things about working at NewDay are…

  1. Inspirational CEO leading the business.
  2. Fantastic Employee Benefits.
  3. A company that listens to its employees and customers.

What’s the most interesting / exciting meeting in your diary this week?

I have a site visit planned to meet our corporate charity, Family Action, and to meet some families who have benefited from the fundraising our NewDay colleagues have carried out in recent months.

Tell us about the social side of NewDay — what’s your favourite event been?

There is a Social Committee at NewDay who organise fun themed events throughout the year and a fabulous annual Christmas party!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I love learning everything and anything new… I have dabbled in: sewing, photography, cake decorating, makeup, boxed frames & more.

I have currently lined up: Creative Writing, Piano & Spanish!

If you could do another job at NewDay for one day, what would you choose and why?

I would love to step into the shoes of any one of our ExCo team members… I want to see the challenges they face, how they work & what keeps them ticking.