Take 5 with…Rebecca Man

What’s it like working as a Specialist in Fraud Analyst at NewDay? Find out from Rebecca, in our latest edition of ‘Take 5 with…’!

How long have you worked for NewDay?

1 Year and 9 Months in total, the first 14 months was as a Graduate.

How would you describe what you do at NewDay in one sentence?

I use a mixture of internal and external intelligence as well as a range of analytical techniques to try to protect our customers from fraud.

Tell us about your proudest achievement or your most memorable day at NewDay.

My proudest achievement at NewDay is when I taught myself a new language which allowed me to build a network visualisation around criminal activity affecting our business.

What does the NewDay Manifesto mean to you?

From a fraud perspective it’s about protecting our customers from fraud as much as possible whilst inconveniencing their everyday lives as little as possible, this is always a major consideration when creating any new strategy.

The three best things about working at NewDay are…

1. The generous employee benefits

2. The size of the business allows you to have a big influence in the area you work in

3. The people you work with are very welcoming and friendly and always willing to help

What’s the most interesting / exciting meeting in your diary this week?

Python training with the Credit Risk Data Science team. This is to learn a new language which we will hopefully be able to utilise for future analysis.

Tell us about the social side of NewDay — what’s your favourite event been?

We have beer and pizza on the last Friday of every month. This provides us all the opportunity to socialise with our colleagues.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I love animals, I have a Chihuahua that sings to any songs by Andrea Bocelli and recently hatched baby chickens in my oven!

If you could do another job at NewDay for one day, what would you choose and why?

I would work in Data Science because I like building models and manipulating data to tell a story. I also feel like I could develop a lot of the skills I had when I was at university.