Take 5 with…Donal Simmie

Today’s ‘Take 5 with…’ is with Donal, a Senior Data Scientist at NewDay, giving us an insight into his role within with company and what makes him tick.

How long have you worked for NewDay?

So far? 1 year and 5 months!

How would you describe what you do at NewDay in one sentence?

I use data to gain insight that can improve our decision making and ultimately benefit our customers.

Tell us about your proudest achievement or your most memorable day at NewDay.

Building a cutting-edge Data Science environment from the latest open-source tools that has enabled us to manipulate data quickly and produce quality machine learning models without having to spend so much time waiting for data extracts or managing models.

What does the NewDay Manifesto mean to you?

To always be mindful of the customer when fulfilling your duties, such as: analysing data, creating models and ensuring secure data processing.

The three best things about working at NewDay are…

  1. Freedom to innovate
  2. Decision making autonomy
  3. Space to build to a vision of doing Data Science the right way.

What’s the most interesting / exciting meeting in your diary this week?

Meeting our Customer Services team to find out where Data Science can help them.

Tell us about the social side of NewDay — what’s your favourite event been?

My favourite event was the NewDay Tech Day at the Community Town Hall!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I have an Erdos-Bacon number of 7…!